At Microsoft Ignite, I was delighted to co-present on the Social Intranet, how to integrate Yammer and SharePoint. During this presentation, the focus was on using Yammer Embed as much as possible since the Yammer Web Part for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 is being deprecated. For reference, the SharePoint 2013 Yammer App (Web Part) will stop working on September 15th 2015, and SharePoint 2010 Yammer Web Part will stop working March 15 2016, and will no longer be supported.

There are some much bigger considerations on your Social Intranet though, I didn’t have as much time at the session to present on these issues since it was created to be a 300 (i.e. advanced) technical level session, but if you are in internal communications or are the group intranet manager for your organization, rethinking the strategy of how you deliver applications, interactivity and personalized experiences for the modern workplace should be paramount in your mind right now. Yammer SharePoint Social Intranet

To make some of our thinking transparent about the need for this session at Ignite, my co-presenter Eric Overfield and I thought about how could we make using Embed as easy as possible for those who are used to working in SharePoint, whether as a site or page manager, and that’s how we came up with the requirements of open source solution (get code here) to make all the configuration options available for your Yammer stream inside SharePoint 2010 or 2013 on prem or online.

Here’s the recording of the session, and expect much more content around these themes soon.