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Naomi Moneypenny's thoughts on collaboration, future of work, machine learning, near term AI and behavioral change in individuals and organizations.


Expert in anticipatory computing and enterprise social. Advises organizations on culture of collaboration and deriving business growth from disruptive technologies & technology forecasting.


Machine Learning Anticipatory Computing Expert Naomi MoneypennyNaomi Moneypenny is Chief Technology Officer at Synxi (a ManyWorlds brand) where she leads the development team for the adaptive recommendations & machine learning engine for SharePoint and other social business systems such as Yammer and Tibbr. She is also responsible for the knowledge infrastructure internally for the organization.

Prior to ManyWorlds, Naomi served as a senior business & IT strategist at the Royal Dutch/Shell Group. Naomi developed advanced business strategies for global business units and worked on overall Shell technology forecasts & knowledge management strategies.

Before moving into the energy industry, Naomi was senior production editor at recognized blue chip business publisher, Euromoney PLC. There, while redesigning processes, she implemented one of Europe’s first Intranets, for which she won the U.K. Director’s Award.

Naomi’s formal education includes a graduate degree in Astrophysics from the University of London, as well as executive programs in strategy and M&A from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. She holds over 30 patents in the area of adaptive systems and is a frequent speaker at international events on enterprise social & collaboration, predictive analytics & business growth from innovative technology.

An active contributor to the SharePoint community, recognized as one of the Top 25 SharePoint Influencers in 2014.

Frequent speaker at international events on enterprise social & collaboration, predictive analytics & business growth, driving business value from disruptive technology.


Twitter @nmoneypenny

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