Naomi Moneypenny Enterprise Social Keynote Yammer at SharePoint 2015 ConferenceIt’s always a great reality check to travel to a different part of the world where the experiences with Office, SharePoint and collaboration technology have been merged with regional and geographical needs.The Share Conference 2015 in Johannesburg has been a fantastic event – truly been a privilege to come back to South Africa – a place that has a little bit of my soul here forever. And the landscape of technology here is different too. There’s no Azure data center in South Africa, many of the customers, the vast majority in fact, are still running SharePoint on premises and running IE9 as a browser. There are pockets of Yammer adoption though, and the country also faces some challenges in areas with internet access.

I was honored to be asked to deliver a keynote the event, and I was challenged with thinking about the principles of social business, the ideas of transparency -, having an enterprise collaboration network for more efficient communication, sharing of best practices and creating communities of practice, without necessarily advocating any one technology within the Office 365 stack or even beyond. So my response was to create a fast paced presentation to highlight some key aspects along the social journey, with some considerations and customer examples along the way. I thought I’d share it here, because perhaps it will be a good recap for some and a simple framework for others. I’ll be running a workshop tomorrow on making Yammer into a real enterprise system, but here’s the key elements along the way to consider in starting your own organization’s social journey.
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Enterprise Social Success Keynote at Share 2015 Yammer

[Also I’m trying out the new beta version of the service – let me know what you think]