The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference had over 15,000 attendees and I was privileged to be able to present 7 different sessions at this non-technical event. Phil Sorgen championed a great event and Satya Nadella’s keynote was inspiring about the vision of Microsoft going forward and the partner ecosystem.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, it’s great that most of the recordings of the sessions have been made available to non-attendees, but you’ll need a free Microsoft account to login (used to be called a Live ID) to view the videos

The Next Big Thing Is Anticipatory Computing: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

(I was completely humbled when I got the evaluation stats for this session, it was rated 5th in Highest Overall Satisfaction from the entire conference with over 500 sessions).

Disappointed that the recording didn’t catch the 10 minutes of questions at the end, however this blog post from Accelerite covering this Anticipatory Computing session has some of that exchange captured.

Everyone is familiar with the product recommendations you get in and Netflix, and the people recommendations you get in LinkedIn. But those experiences are just scratching the surface of what anticipatory computing & machine learning can do and how they can transform how we provide context and content inside of the enterprise to enable better decision making. In this session, we’ll explore what this trend means for how to position your devices & services for growth.leadership_panel_trio

Leadership, Sales and Marketing Track Keynote: Leader 2 Leader, Building the Future

WPC gathers more C-level leaders than any other conference in the IT industry. Partners are on the leading edge of an industry in transformation. The pace of change and innovation demands make-or-break leadership capabilities. Channel Chief, Phil Sorgen assembles a number of leadership trailblazers for a lively discussion on themes that affect IT leaders today. This session promises to be fun, inspirational, and set the stage for a week of rich dialogue in the leadership track.

(I was so honored to be part of this keynote panel, I met the brilliant Simon T. Bailey and amazing John Rudow, incredible insightful leaders who have become friends)

How to Make Money With Enterprise Social

Yammer is a turnkey SaaS application unlike many other collaboration packages. Naomi will outline how partners can make money in consulting, systems integration, and apps in this new world. This was a 30 mins Social Hub session.

Proving the Value of Enterprise Social

Still think Yammer is just another Facebook app for the enterprise? Think again! Naomi will go through the top 5 ways to demonstrate the business value of enterprise social. This was a 30 mins Social Hub session.

How to Use Twitter for Business

How can 140 characters create connections with your customers and partners? Find out why you and your business should be on Twitter, and how to manage your social media presence. This was a 30 mins Social Hub session.

Enterprise Social Partner Panel

Our panel of partners will discuss the successes and challenges they’ve had establishing relationships outside of IT and how they’ve used Yammer as an onramp to Enterprise Social.

Growing Your Business with Civic Technology

The 7th session I presented at is unfortunately not part of the recordings.